A (mostly) Italian Feast

Inspired by a university assignment on Northern Italian cuisine, my sisters and I decided to cook up a delicious Saturday night meal consisting of all new (mostly) Italian recipes. Typically, when we tackle new recipes there are bound to be some major duds, but much to our surprise all the food passed the test! This probably has much to do with the fact that a couple of them came from the Olive Garden website. So I thought I’d spread the recipe love and post them here. Be warned they aren’t the most figure-friendly dishes, but the taste makes them worth it…!? Can you say “carb overload”?


And here’s the recipe for the Zuppa Toscana soup. Probably the biggest hit of the night! Might have had something to do with the bacon…since bacon makes everything better 🙂

recipecard_zuppa toscana_simple

The Caprese Flatbread isn’t really Italian since it’s made on naan bread, but it tastes great as an alternative to homemade flatbread and makes this recipe really quick to whip up.

recipecard_lava cakes_simple

The last recipe that ended off the night was a chocolate lava cake. It was a fairly heavy dessert to end off an already filling meal, but the flavour of this cake is wonderful! The recipe is really easy to make, but the baking time can be a little finicky. I’ve made this dessert several times since and I’ve found out that you really need to keep an eye on the centre of cake to make sure it isn’t under or over baked. But it really doesn’t matter if it doesn’t turn out perfectly “molten” because it tastes great either way. Since it is such a rich dessert, I do recommend serving it with whipped cream…some tart raspberries would also work great to cut the richness of the chocolate.



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