Travelling Tales

Two posts in one day! This won’t be a habit, but I’ve got some time while waiting in the airport for our slightly delayed flight.

So the journey has officially commenced with my sister graciously offering to drive us to the Seattle airport. We picked up Audrey and Michelle at school and continued on to the border. The first task involved picking up our J-1 visas which, I must say, was the most entertaining border experience I’ve had to date. I think the hilarity of the event must have had something to do with the nerves as well. It’s hard to recount the story to give its full effect, but it seemed like the border guards were in a jovial mood. I do believe some comments were made about my knowledge (or lack there of) on how to use a finger printing machine. The border guard then translated this into the reason why none of us are being paid to “work” in Woods Hole…insinuating that it’s no wonder I’m not getting paid because I can’t do the simplest of tasks. I found it quite amusing, but hey, I’ll take my lack of knowledge as a compliment. At least I’m not an expert at getting finger printed, now that would insinuate something else altogether!

Once arriving at the airport, we made our way through security. There must be something about a group of chatting girls that seems to attract the attention of funny men in uniform…okay, that sounds a little bit odd. We were chatting with an officer about what we’re doing in Woods Hole while going through security. Afterwards, as we put putting our laptops back in our bags and retying our shoelaces, he approached us again holding a small ziploc bag with something white inside. After we skeptically eye the bag, he pulls out three pieces of paper and hands one to each of us. Stickers. Yes, stickers for the girls who must look fifteen years old. But they’re not just any stickers, they’re VIP junior officer stickers. We’re moving up in the world!

Check out this little beauty!

Check out this little beauty!

But I must say that the humorous happenings today have helped put me at ease. I’m not the biggest fan of flying, but I do believe it’s small gestures like this that God uses to brighten our days and remind us that He’s always with us. Well, that’s it for now…I’ll see you all on the other side of the continent!

2 thoughts on “Travelling Tales

  1. Jalene says:

    Lol, best badge ever! Did you wear it with pride? 😛

  2. Jalene says:

    Also, glad there were nice little humorous etc. things that helped put you at ease! That’s great 🙂

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