Atlantic Arrival and Acclimatization

The first official day at WHOI was a day of random meeting and explorations. Our WHOI supervisor took us out for breakfast to Pie in the Sky since our fridge was completely empty. Next we drove to Shaw’s groceries to pick up food that will hopefully last us a long while. It’s weird to start from scratch and have to buy all necessities that you typically take for granted. One great thing about some groceries stores in the States is that they put the per unit price in big bold numbers to help you compare which products are the best deal. It definitely makes bargain shopping a lot simpler! We had a couple meetings to finish up some paperwork (but there’s still a bunch more to get organized). We were given a “safety tour” of the lab, where we were shown the things we need to know in case there’s an emergency or safety hazard. It’s a little disconcerting to know that we’re working with some hazardous materials, but at least we know that we’re working with some of the best in the world! They even have an internal emergency responder unit on every floor of all the WHOI buildings who often get there before the city responders. We were then given a tour around other buildings on campus which was helpful to try orient ourselves. I definitely feel like I’m going to need a map in my pocket for the whole duration of the trip…these buildings are hallways upon hallways!

After walking back to our apartment (the right-most unit in the picture, next to the laundry!) through the small wooded area behind our house, we decided to trek down to the beach. We’re located in a slightly sheltered area on the Atlantic Ocean due to the surrounding islands, one of which includes Martha’s Vineyard (a place where many famous people go for vacation). It’s an incredibly calming and peaceful environment, particularly now that the summer rush of visitors is gone. We plan to take the ferry out to Martha’s Vineyard one of these weekends, but not for a little while as New York seemed to sap the energy right out of us! It’s going to take a while to get used to living here as we do not have bicycles yet, so we’re quite limited to where we can go. But we’re definitely making the most of it!

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One thought on “Atlantic Arrival and Acclimatization

  1. Jalene says:

    That’s a cute little apartment building! It almost looks town house-y, except for the fact that yours aren’t detached. Is there only 4 units as it looks like in the picture?

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