Two “Nobs”

We decided to explore a little today, visiting two “nob”-named places. First we headed to a hiking/walking area called The Knob. The head of the trail is practically just down the street from us, about a mile away. The Knob is a local landmark found in east Falmouth and came recommended to us by some locals. The reason it’s called The Knob is evident in its rounded peninsula shape. It’s a rocky outcropping surrounded by water on three sides and overlooks Quissett Harbor and Buzzards Bay.

The Knob

The Knob

Apparently in the 1930s, people could drive their cars out to the end of the outcropping, but nowadays you can only get there by foot. A winding undulating walk through a wooded area brings you to a spectacular view. There are two paths to take, the main one and the cliff side one. We decided to walk along the cliff side to get a better view of the ocean but ended up trekking our way through the bush after being distracted by the view. After checking out the lookout area, we decided to relax on a small out-of-the-way beach and take our first swim in Atlantic waters. Beautiful handcrafted boats and primitive little dinghies bob in the ebb and flow of the tide. We are so blessed to be able to experience this part of the world!

After lunch we headed to Nobska Lighthouse on our rented bikes and took the Shining Sea Bike path almost directly to the Lighthouse. The lighthouse was originally built in 1828, but the tower in these pictures was constructed in 1876 to replace the first one. The light that shines from the tower can be seen 17 miles (or 23km) out at sea. There’s a nostalgic feel about the place, and it seems to draw the attention of a lot of tourists as well as locals. While we were relaxing in the shade by the lighthouse, 2 different weddings parties and one engaged couple came to have their photos taken in front of the picturesque building. Apparently this is the place to be on a sunny Saturday afternoon. As Audrey and Michelle relaxed and listened to music, I did a sketch of the lighthouse. It was a perfect place to relax and get some people watching in without being too obvious…my pen and sketchbook acted as a good cover!

After a long and active day, I decided to calculate how much walking and biking we’ve done in the past week. To date we’ve done 35km of walking and 11.5km of biking. And this number is even an understatement as we didn’t count any walking while sightseeing, only the distances to and from places…no wonder our feet and backsides hurt!

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2 thoughts on “Two “Nobs”

  1. john luymes says:

    I’m soooo jealous. I sure would love to experience all the beautiful scenery and weather too.
    love, mom

  2. Jalene says:


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