A Journey Down Main Street

Since biking is our main (and practically only) mode of transportation while in Woods Hole, it is extremely handy to have the Shining Sea Bikeway nearby. The Shining Sea Bikeway is named after a line in the song America the Beautiful which was written by Katherine Lee Bates, a Falmouth native. The bike path is great for cycling as it is primarily flat and straight. This is due to the fact that the now paved path follows an old railroad route. We have only explored a small section of the 10.7 mile path which stretches from the ferry dock in Woods Hole to North Falmouth. Biking down the path is extremely picturesque. The path runs along the ocean and criss-crosses through the Salt Pond Bird Sanctuary. The path is lined with vegetation which allows us to witness the changing of the leaves. Some of the foliage is beginning to change colour; however, it seems to have gotten off to a slow start with this wonderful warmer weather we are having (not that I’m complaining at all!). One unique thing we noticed about the bike path is that every so often we would smell something pungently sweet. I remember remarking to Audrey on our first biking adventure that it smelled like jolly ranchers. We later found out from a passing cyclist that there are wild grapes growing in the area. It all made sense…we were smelling the aroma of grape jolly ranchers!

A fifteen minute bike ride down the Shining Sea bikeway is Falmouth’s main street. Our gloriously sunshiny Saturday was spent exploring the town of Falmouth. Granted there is not that much to explore since the majority of the attractions are located along a single street. It was wonderful, however, to spend a relaxing day taking in the local sights and having no particular destination in mind. Typically we only go to Falmouth at night for trivia or bike down main street to get to the grocery store. We looked through the typical tourist shops, explored some church grounds, walked along Shivericks Pond, perused through the Eight Cousins book store, stopped for French pastries at Boulangerie Patisserie and bought frozen yogurt at Tisberry. All in all it was a great day where we could slow down, enjoy the fantastic weather and catch our breath from the past week’s busyness.

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