A Day on Cape Cod

Audrey and I spent a day driving along the Cape Cod coast with her parents who were visiting. We began in Woods Hole at the southwest tip and drove north to Provincetown. It was a delightfully relaxing day exploring beaches and lighthouses and driving through expanses of autumnal coloured trees. Parts of the Cape remind me of the beaches in Oregon with sandy dunes and long grasses waving in the ocean breeze. Since Cape Cod is essentially a gigantic sand bar, scientists predict that the Cape will be completely gone in 5 to 10 thousand years due to erosion and rising sea levels.

Along the way we stopped at Nauset Lighthouse and got a chance to go inside. The Nauset Lighthouse has been servicing the Cape since 1877. Due to the eroding nature of the landscape, the lighthouse was moved in 1996 to its present location. When we arrived at the lighthouse it looked somewhat familiar. We realized afterward that this lighthouse is used as the logo of the Cape Cod chips we had in our cupboard. We also just happened to have a bag in the car trunk.

We took a short pit stop to see the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown. We debated about climbing up the 116 stairs to the top of the tower; however, were a little deterred to pay $12 each to use this stair master. The Pilgrim Monument is actually the tallest all-granite structure in the United States measuring 252 feet. The monument was built to commemorate the Mayflower Pilgrims’ first landing in the New World in 1620. In 1907 President Roosevelt laid the monument’s cornerstone, and President Taft led the dedication ceremony in 1910 after its completion.


We timed our drive back home perfectly. Just as we approached the road that runs parallel to the ocean, the sun began to set. Since I have a significant obsession with clouds and sunsets, I was quite excited to get to see this spectacular view!

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