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Spohr Gardens: Walking in a Wilted Wonderland

Only a ten minute walk away from our home, Audrey and I explored Spohr Gardens. As it is fall, the majority of the plants were dormant or dead; however, it was a lovely place for an after work stroll. With the fallen leaves crunching beneath your feet and the ocean breeze drifting through the trees, it was a peaceful place to meander through. The gardens cover a six acre area and are dotted with artifacts including a large church bell, millstones, and salvaged anchors dating all the way back to 1760.

The creation of the gardens was a labour of love. Charles and Margaret Spohr built the gardens over the fifty years that they lived there. They met when Charles was recovering from wounds sustained during World War II and Margaret was his nurse. Margaret designed the gardens and Charles constructed them. These gardens are open to the public year round and provide another oasis bordering Oyster Pond.

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