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Let the AGU Meeting Begin…

We explored the Moscone Center where the American Geophysical Union 2013 Fall Meeting is being held this week. Audrey and I were a little overwhelmed with the size of the center as it is spread out over several blocks in numerous buildings with several floors each. We got a little (or a lot) lost along the way. What I was also excited about was that I was able to pick up a t-shirt from the AGU marketplace which had my winning design on the front! The sales of these t-shirts at the AGU meeting raises money for the student AGU travel grant fund. I entered the t-shirt design contest this past summer on a whim with only a few days left in the competition. After being narrowed down by judges at the AGU, it went to a Facebook vote. Thanks to all of you who voted! My original design was for the design to be printed on a white background so as to see the graphics more clearly; however, they printed it on a grey shirt (not my first choice…but that is just my perfectionist control-freak side showing through, haha). I picked up my t-shirt from the AGU marketplace which was located in the Exhibit Hall where the Icebreaker reception was being held Monday evening. Rows and rows of booths lined the vast room providing information on companies, new products, graduate schools, ongoing research, publications and so much more. The majority of them were also handing out freebies.  The Dutch roots in me took hold, and we came back with a goodie bag of posters, pens, puzzles and pamphlets.

We also had our first experience riding the San Francisco cable cars, and it was a great one! The smell of hot metal, the rhythmic clunking of the wheels, the wind blowing through your hair, the up and down of endless hills, and the blurry images of passing buildings all combine to make it my ideal kind of transportation to see the city. There is something so much more culturally immersive about riding in a cable car compared to a public bus. We also had a chance to ride a cable car at night on our why back from the Icebreaker reception. There was a magical feel about the ride as the streets were lined with twinkling Christmas lights and the energy of downtown was palpable.

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